Hello, I’m Betty, seasoned Glasgow wedding photographer, ready to capture the joy, the emotion, and every moment of your remarkable day. I understand that being in the spotlight might feel overwhelming, but rest assured, I’m here to make your wedding photography experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

My style focuses on the genuine, heartfelt moments that tell the unique story of your love. I approach each wedding with a fresh perspective, avoiding specific clichés, and instead, capturing the essence of your celebration. For those planning a cozy, intimate gathering, know that I bring the same dedication and keen eye, ensuring every significant moment is beautifully preserved.

Love Stories

With over ten years as a Glasgow Wedding Photographer, my journey has been as vibrant as the weddings I’ve captured. From Marrakesh’s vibrant streets to Copenhagen’s serene beauty, and from Reykjavik’s stark landscapes to Giverny’s artistic haven, each location has enriched my canvas. This experience lets me bring creativity and insight to your wedding photography, making your day not just remembered, but relived with every glance.


Iconic Glasgow Wedding Venues

scotland wedding venues

Every venue speaks its own love language. I’ve captured beautiful moments in iconic locations like The Engine Works, with its unique Glasgow character, and Guardswell Farm’s rustic beauty. BAaD and The Bothy in the West End blend modern aesthetics with warmth and intimacy. Monachyle Mhor, with its enchanting blend of rustic elegance, offers a serene setting for your unforgettable fairytale. Each venue presents a unique canvas for your love story.