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As a Glasgow wedding photographer with over a decade of capturing life’s most cherished moments, and a graphic design & illustration background, I blend my love for the magical and mystical into every click of the camera. Based in the heart of Glasgow, my journey in photography spans weddings, fitness, family, and lifestyle, with each frame telling a story close to my heart.

As someone who treasures the role of a wife and mother, I deeply understand the importance of holding onto those fleeting, precious memories. Photography for me isn’t just a job; it’s a way of preserving little slices of time that mean the world to you.

Drawing on the mystical energies of my Scorpio moon, Libra rising, and Virgo sun, I bring a harmonious blend of intuition, creativity, and meticulous precision to my work. This celestial alignment guides me in intuitively understanding the unique essence of each individual, allowing me to capture your most genuine moments. 

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Each week, you’ll find me delving into the mysteries of tarot, with a little assistance from Google to decipher the cards’ meanings. I’m either lost in the latest adventure on my Nintendo Switch or I’m napping. There’s something about sweater weather that just feels right to me; it’s when I feel most at home, wrapped up in warmth and coziness. Although the aroma of coffee is enchanting, I’ve never actually had a cup; instead, I indulge in the comforting embrace of hot chocolate.

If you’re vibing with photography that’s both modern and magical, editorial yet honest, then I could be the Glasgow photographer you’ve been searching for. With my feet firmly on the ground and a sprinkle of whimsy in my lens, I’m the ideal blend of professional and laid-back – ready to capture your moments in a truly unique way.