Glasgow fitness photographer & videographer

As a Glasgow-based fitness photographer and videographer, I love capturing the energy and dedication of personal trainers and their clients. My aim is to create vibrant and compelling visuals that highlight the hard work and passion involved in fitness.

With over 10 years in photography, I embarked on my own fitness journey after having my baby in 2021, thanks to my amazing personal trainer, Lisa. Working with her has been a fantastic experience, and together we’ve created some truly exciting and inspiring content.

I especially love working with other women, bringing a unique perspective that emphasizes softness and attention to detail. My approach is all about celebrating strength and dedication through a supportive and empowering lens, creating imagery that feels authentic and inspiring.

Whether it’s snapping action shots during intense workouts or producing motivating promotional videos, I’m all about capturing the true essence of fitness and showcasing the expertise of personal trainers in the industry.

I’m also excited to announce that my newly refurbished studio will be ready for bookings at the end of summer/beginning of autumn. I can’t wait to start capturing more incredible moments there!

Pricing starts at £250ph